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This Event has always been played in conjunction with the Frank Shepherd Trophy to celebrate the fine playing career of Miss Cheney and her Leadership in serving as President of the Golf Society of Australia.

First played in 1983 at Royal Melbourne Golf Club with Hickory Shafted Golf Clubs, the Event was won by the famous Miss Di Gatehouse. The Trophy for this Event was donated by the Founder of the Golf Society, Dr Ken Shepherd.

The Frank Shepherd and Burtta Cheney Trophy Events are played in the Handicap Stableford Format over 9 holes.

Trophy Winners

1983 Miss D Gatehouse

1984 Miss D Gatehouse

1986 Miss K Mahlook

1987 Mrs R Wakeham

1988 Mrs J Griffith

1989 Miss J Wallace  Mrs J Wakeham

1990 Mrs A Day

1991 Mrs B Coutie

1992 Mrs R Clothier

1993 Mrs B Coutie

1994 Mrs M Nadilin

1995 Mrs J Griffith

1996 Miss N Hirst

1998 Mrs R Clothier

1999 Mrs L Wigley

2000 Mrs L Wigley  Mrs R Summerfield

2001 Mrs B Davies  Mrs R Summerfield

2002 Mrs L Clothier Mrs L Wigley

2003 Mrs J Gilbert

2004 Mrs J Gilbert

2005 Mrs A Reynolds

2006 Mrs A Cookes   Mrs J Lane

2007 Mrs B Wait

2008 Mrs J Lane

2009 Mrs B Wait

2010 Mrs B Wait

2011 Mrs P Gompertz

2012 Mrs B Waite

2013 Mrs J Gilbert

2014 Mrs J Gilbert

2017 Miss K Hastie

2018 Miss K Hastie

2019 Miss K Hastie

2020 Miss K Hastie

2021 Not Played (*Covid -19)

2022 Not awarded insufficient entries.

2023 Not awarded insufficient entries.