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This Event was the first Golfing Event to be played by the Society and was first played at Royal Melbourne Golf Club in 1983, one year after the formation of the Society in 1982.

The Society was formed to preserve the history of golf and the event was played with hickory shafted clubs, a tradition that has continued to the present day. All competitors wore ‘period costume’ and the event was won by Mr Bruce Green, RMGC Professional.

Dr Ken Shepherd, the founder of the Golf Society of Australia donated the trophy for this event which he named in honour of his father Mr. Frank Shepherd.

Trophy Winners

1983 B Green

1984 L Gitsham

1985 Not competed for

1986 R Gould

1987 P B Rosenhain

1988 H Mitchell

1989 D Cox and H Mitchell

1990 B C Donaldson

1991 L Gitsham and M Fitchett

1992 M Fitchett

1993 R Dossettor

1994 J Fawcett and M Franck

1995 D Blair, B Crow, G Carboon,
          P Rosenhain
1996 P Field

1997 M Fitchett and P Field

1998 D Cox

1999 P Field

2000 D Haig

2001 K Shepherd

2002 G Carboon and D Murray

2003 D Cox

2004 L Gitsham

2005 C George and D Murray

2006 L Gitsham

2007 P H Gompertz

2008 P H Gompertz

2009 C George

2010 M Findlay

2011 M Findlay

2012 P H Gompertz

2013 M Maguire

2014 P Stickley

2015 G Vincent and C Wilkins

2016 R Kirby

2017 D Worley

2018 J Anderson

2019 P Stickley

2020 G McKay

2021 Not played (*Covid -19)

2022 Mango Maguire

2023 Justin Ryan

frank shepherd trophy