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This event is the legacy of Mr Daryl Cox, a Member of Commonwealth Golf Club for many years and later the National Golf Club. He served as President of the Golf Society of Australia of six years from 1994 to 2000.

A members only event, it was first played at RMGC in 1998 and won by Mr Glen Carboon of Greenacres Golf Club.

The format for this event adds great variety to the Golf Society events.

The quirky but popular competition is played as a 9 holes of Handicap Stroke, with 7 only Clubs. The top four Nett scores qualify forĀ  sudden death matchplay after lunch.

A mixed event, the impressive trophy was donated by Mr Daryl Cox.

Trophy Winners

1998 Glenn Carboon

1999 Margaret Reid

2000 Rosemary Wakeham

2001 John Lindsay

2002 Michael Clayton

2003 Daryl Cox

2004 John Lindsay

2005 Not played

2006 Paula Gompertz

2007 Norie Macleod

2008 Jean Gilbert

2009 Peter Gompertz

2010 Meriedie Graham

2011 Paula Gompertz

2012 Norie Macleod

2013 David Hewitt

2014 Richard Kirby

2015 Paul Bray

2016 Max Findlay

2017 Tony Rule

2018 David Worley

2019 Stephen Ellis

2020 Robert Sarafov

2021 Richard Fellner

2022 Stephen Ellis

2023 Bernie Ryan