‘The Long Game’ is an occasional newsletter published approximately 3 times per year since November 1996. Contents range from reports of recent events and other Society activities, items of interest relating to golf in Australia, reproductions of noteworthy articles, photographs, crosswords, and letters to the Editor.

Newsletter Editor: Mr. Greg Bain

Volume 1, Issue 1, published in November 1996 was a trial, called ‘Recollections’ and asked for suggestions for possible inclusions. It was obviously well-received, as Volume 2, Issue 1 appeared in March 1997, under the title ‘Newsletter’.

Volume 3, Issue 2 in July 1998 appeared with a new name, ‘The Long Game’.

The first Editor was John Lindsay, who handed over to Roy Patterson in December 2002. Roy continued as Editor until Issue No 21 in September 2005. The numbering system changed after Volume 4, Issue 1 in February 1999, to sequential numbering. In September 2009, for Issue 32, Peter Gompertz took over as Editor from Moira Drew. Peter Gompertz has stood down as Editor and handed over the editorial role to Stephen Mango Maguire May 2017

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The Index can be found into two parts – Part One includes content for Issues 1- to 49 (up to 2012) – Click Here.

This body of work was kept up to date by previous Editors and last updated by Past President and Life member Ian Rennick.

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