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March 2017

2017 GSA Hickory Golf

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29 March 2017 – Yarra Yarra Golf Club

GSA players would like to thank Peter Swan and Yarra Yarra Golf Club for inviting the Hickory Heroes for nine holes of Hickory Golf.

The day started with a light lunch in the Dining/Library Room. The atmosphere was electric with players Noel Terry (RMGC) and John Smith (Metropolitan) talking about 60-70 Pennant days, and Paul Burgess (Woodlands), Charles Wilkins (Woodlands), Marty McGuire (Commonwealth and Mark Brasher (Kew) perusing and discussing the Library Books.

14 players assembled at the 1st tee

1st John Smith Hcp 5 16 points
2nd Mark Brasher Hcp 3 15 points
3rd Marty McGuire Hcp 11 13 points
3rd Paul Burgess Hcp 23 13 points

Presentation in the Members Lounge at a nice long table.
Again players were discussing Hickory Golf, Clubs by Cliff George.

It was a great day for the Players and Yarra Yarra Golf Club

As Peter Maher and I were chauffeured for the day by John Smith we were the last to leave.

Another great day was had by all.

Max Findlay