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July 2018

2018 Presidents Trophy

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30 July 2018 – The Royal Melbourne Golf Club

The Presidents Trophy was played at its regular venue The Royal Melbourne Golf Club. This quirky but fun event allows the players only 7 clubs and the four best Nett scores qualify for sudden death matchplay.

This year’s event had good entries with 30 players, enjoying their qualifying 9 holes on the West course in very cool but dry conditions. The sunshine broke through at times, enabling Secretary Kim who was roving through the groups to take many photos.

As the cards rolled in, the four top four scores began to take shape and after count backs the final players were determined.

At lunch, President Graeme Ryan welcomed a number of new members to the society who were participating. It was interesting and fun see to some playing with their hickories which no doubt added to the challenge.

Rod Hiscox the top qualifier (34.5) was to play Jean Gilbert (38.5) and Max Findlay 2nd qualifier (36) was to play David Worley (38) Both Max and Jean are Past Winners of this event.

After lunch a good gallery assembled to watch the sudden death playoffs on the East course with David Worley winning the first hole over Max Findlay.

In the other match, the result didn’t come as quickly, with Rod and Jean fighting it out for four tense holes, both players have their chances to win. Finally, at the Par 3 4th Jean sunk a putt to win the match.

It was decided rather than cross the road the final pair continue at the Par 3 16th

The first playoff hole was halved even with David Worley skying his front bunker shot to the back and taking unplayable from the Heath and Lomandras and Jean with her own troubles couldn’t close out.

Play went down the Par 5 17th, both drove it well, but from then on Jean struggled to keep her ball in play and with David comfortably on the green in 3, Jean concedes the hole and David is declared the 2018 winner.

So, after an entertaining afternoon the players and gallery return to clubhouse for refreshments and presentations.

The Golf Society Thanks Royal Melbourne for their hospitality and another thoroughly enjoyable day.