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2018 Historians Forum

19 August 2018 – ‘Little’ Frankston’ Golf Club

Our second forum of the year was held at Frankston Golf Club on Sunday 19th August. In a first for the Society it was decided to hold the forum on a Sunday rather than a Monday and to include golf.

Our host for the day was Millicent Gould who is both Chairman and President of the Club. Millicent spoke about the history of the course, the clubhouse and membership. Also on display were old photos of some of the early influential members of the Club.

​Frankston is unique in many ways. It was the first Golf Club in Australia to have motor mowers. These were bought by boat from England to the club by member Mr. AH Sargood in 1921. This was at a time when all other golf courses were cutting their fairways and greens with horse drawn ‘slashers’.

It is also unique in that it doesn’t hold a Club Championship. Nor does it adhere to the Golf Australia Handicapping system…it still retains its own handicapper to determine a ‘Little’ Frankston handicap. This quaintness extends to the clubhouse which was built in 1905. An entrance hall, lounge, kitchen and locker rooms are all maintained by the members with no house staff required. A substantial verandah looks down on the first hole and on a clear day the City of Melbourne provides a backdrop.

The course itself is built on rolling and at times hilly topography, the soil is sandy and the native vegetation a delight. We were fortunate to play at a time when much of the indigenous vegetation was starting to flower. The course is relatively short in length, but the greens are small and sloping as they rely largely on surface draining. The green structures are its protection and of the fifteen hardy souls who ventured out on a cold wet and windy winter afternoon only one player managed to better his handicap. Nonetheless an enjoyable time was had by all highlighted by an enjoyable post round glass of red in front of the lounge room fire.

We are indebted to the generosity of Millicent Gould and the committee of The Frankston Golf Club and we look forward to returning to the club next year as part of the Hickory Hero’s rotation.

Tony Rule
Historians Convenor

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