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GSA President’s Message

Dear Golf Society members,

I hope everyone is well and keeping busy during this difficult time.

As you are aware, Stage 4 has really affected our ability to run the many scheduled functions and events. Although disappointing, you will agree our situation is minor compared to the difficult times and sadness the pandemic has brought to many people.

If you have been touched by these terrible times, we are thinking of you.

Your committee is hopeful of running the postponed events, but as the year goes on, and clubs are finalising their own events, it will become more difficult. However, the clubs involved have indicated they will accommodate us as best can.

We will maintain communications with them, and when the situation becomes clearer in mid-September, we will keep you informed.

We value our members, appreciate your understanding, hope you enjoyed the recent newsletter and are following our Facebook page.

Stay safe everyone, and to our metropolitan Victorian members that cannot play golf, we certainly have plenty to watch on television.

Graeme Ryan

August 2020

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