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41st Annual General Meeting – Election results

Following the Doug Bachli Trophy, the 41st Annual General Meeting was held

A meeting with some significance as President Graeme Ryan and Honorary Secretary Kim Hastie both finished their terms, having served the maximum six years in their roles.

Following Graeme’s final President’s report outgoing Secretary Kim read the election results declaring herself as the new President, Grace Rew re-elected as Treasurer and Stella Cugley was elected and warmly welcomed as the new Honorary Secretary.

For the Committee positions Greg Bain, Morag North, and John Scheffer were re-elected and Aaron Newnham who was co-opted to Committee to fill vacancy was elected to Committee.

Kim congratulated those elected and introduced the Committee to the meeting.

Thanks, and gifts were given to Graeme and Kim for their many years of dedicated work for the Society.

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